Monday, May 28, 2012

Abracadabra, Magic Colored Pencils!

The OWH bloghop was incredible! I visited just about every single blog and found something new to try in each one. One of the biggest things I got a bit jealous of was the all the gorgeous coloring on stamped images. The big trend right now (and I think it'll be the biggest for a long time to come) is Copic markers - they are made to blend, come in tons of colors, and are double ended with two different sized tips. The job they do in the hands of these ladies is incredible, but alas, they are a big investment, so yours truly won't be getting them anytime soon.

That being said, I still wanted to my improve coloring. I only have 3-5 image stamps, and that's because I'm horrible at coloring. (Most the time I just stamp them with colored ink, layer them on matching paper, and call it a day.) So I went to the OWH tutorial page, and sure enough, there was a guide to coloring, (Cardmaking 201). The guide says to swab the image with baby oil after coloring with colored pencils. Sweet! Only, I didn't have any baby oil. I had olive oil, and figured it couldn't hurt to try. I used my kids' basic Crayola colored pencils and then swabbed the images with a Q-Tip. I have to say, it was pretty cool, but I wanted to see if the baby oil turned out differently, so I got my hands on some, and it brought out the colors even more than the olive oil. Plus, it smells nice :). Here are the befores and afters of the 3 butterflies. (The lighting between pictures is off, sorry, I don't know why. I took both in the same spot. Probably because it was mostly lit by the sun. P.S. I used my camera on my Iphone 4.)

Ok, so the olive oil definitely works, but the baby oil does double what the olive oil does. If you look closely to the baby oil one, though, the oil bled onto the paper surrounding the butterfly. I had swabbed right up to the outline on each of the two, and you can't tell from the naked eye, but the camera picked it up, so I figured I'd mention it. By the time I noticed this, I'd already done another set of images and took a pic of them as well to see if it happened again....

Looks like the only oil bleed victim is the pink flower in the bottom left (tried silver in the center of the top left... eh)
When all is said and done, I really like the technique. And since the bleeding isn't noticeable, I'll use these images on cards in the near future. I won't swab clear to the outer edge from now on, just in case, though. As a side note, I think it'd be much more noticeable if these were on colored card stock.

I'll post the cards I make with these in the next few days. Today we are going to Adventureland with my sister, on leave from Fort Polk, and tomorrow I graduate from college. Wow! Lemme say that again... Tomorrow I'm graduating - from college! I can't believe it. :)

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