Thursday, June 21, 2012

Check it out!

Do creative ideas ever just pop into your head, seemingly out of nowhere? It happens to me from time to time, most often in the shower or in those tender moments of the morning when I'm crossing the threshold from sleep to consciousness. I can't count how many times these moments of divine inspiration improved my lessons during student teaching and now I'm super-excited that it's starting to happen in regards to my card-making for OWH .

This card came from one of those moments a week or so ago. The image was right there waiting for me in my mind's eye as I woke up one day and I had made this practice piece before the kids even got up, sometime around 6:30 a.m.  ***See Update Below***

I decided to hold off on taking it any further, trusting that I'd come up with a complete card concept eventually... and it happened yesterday while the kids and I were driving home from the bowling alley. I went with a checkerboard design and printed out the sentiment on cardstock from a Word doc.

Yeah, there aren't near enough rows of spaces to be an authentic board, but in my world, that's okay. That's my story and I'm sticking to it, haha. I think I'll send this to a scrapping friend who's currently at a month-long training camp without any contact from the outside world aside from snail mail.

Just for fun, here is another attempt at an original idea (knowing they can't truly be original... I just don't find them already done online). I have a cart for my Cricut called Paper Lace. It's images are very intricate and only a select few are able to fit on an A2 card without overpowering the rest of the paper/embellishments. One day it came to me that perhaps I could incorporate one of the images into the card front... if I could only get the cut to adhere to it without being drowned in Mod Podge (my favored liquid adhesive). I found Elmer's spray adhesive one day and tried my imagined technique out.

I like the cream on forest green one better than the other, but overall, I'm not too impressed. Maybe with the right papers and shape from the cart, it might work. One thing I will say about spray adhesive is that it is STICKY! I made the mistake of thinking a 12x12 cardboard workspace was big enough to protect from a spray for an A2 and ended up tacking the table. It cleaned up okay with nail polish remover, but my fingers took a few hours to lose their own tackiness. I had sprayed the top layer, then oh-so-gently placed it on top of the A2, waited a few minutes, then trimmed the edges. The A2s themselves are tack-free where they are exposed.

What kind of ideas have you come up with? Did you try them out and if so, where they successful? I'd love to hear about it! Thanks for visiting and I hope you have a great day!

***Update: I found out where I came up with weaving. While cruising the OWH tutorials, I came across the Woven Heart, which is exactly what I did on the checkerboad card above. Just giving credit where credit is due :) ***


  1. I love when a thought becomes reality. Nice job! On your bottom two cards, I like the cream on forest too but if you're thinking it's too overpowering, how about taking it only a third of the way across the forest? Just a thought...

  2. Cindy, I hadn't thought of that. Thanks for the suggestion!