Monday, June 11, 2012

I Like You a Latte

Operation Write Home is hooked up with Our Daily Bread Designs, where card makers submit their interpretations of monthly challenges not only for fun, but for ODBD to contribute to shipping costs for cards to go overseas. The challenge for June is to make shaped cards that will still fit into our A2 sized envelopes. Many of the ladies (plus Sandy and her blog team) have posted some tutorials for different shaped cards and I chose the coffee cup as my contribution, which gave me more play time with my new coffee themed stamps.

My cards for the ODBD shaped card challenge

The paper is from DCWV's Dots, Stripes, and Plaids stack, and I used my spots and dots Cuttlebug folder for the cup itself. These were fun to make. The only thing I had to figure out myself was how much of a diagonal to make the sides of the cards. The one on the left is trimmed from the top corner to 1.5cm in from the edge on the bottom. The card on the right is trimmed from the top corner to  2cm in from the edge on the bottom. I couldn't believe what a difference .5cm makes! After comparing the two before I started assembling them, I decided to make the rest of them on the wider side and trimmed them using the 1.5cm diagonal (there are 6 altogether). Also, the tutorial has instructions for making a pocket in the card base for an inserted liner to fit into, but I just went with the basic inside liner and have the card opening from the top. The sentiment on the right and the beans are heat embossed... fun!!

Another attempt at a shaped card involved the Cricut Craft Room program. It lets you manipulate the shapes on your carts and play around with carts that you don't yet own. I have the "Just Because Cards" cart, and thought it would be neat to make an apple shaped card. It turned out okay, but it's not complete. I can't decide on any embellishments or sentiments. The phrase for this card on the cart is "apple of my eye," but I'm not sure it'll cut clean and still be small enough not to overpower other embellishments that I end up putting on it. I'll take any suggestions; I actually have two of these to complete. To get the apple to cut as a green card base on the Cricut, I loaded two of the apples from the cart, sized them identically for an A2 envelope, then flipped one vertically (it's a function in the program), and "welded" the two shapes together (another function). For the brown stem and bottom star thing, I loaded the shape onto the project's virtual mat and put it over the apple image, then dragged the sizer in the corner of it to make it the perfect size and shape. Then I just moved the stem/star to another part of the virtual mat. This isn't my favorite special Cricut Craft Room project, but practice makes perfect, so I'm not trashing the shaped card idea. I'll just practice with different images!

Welding and squishing shapes with the Cricut Craft Room program
In all honesty, the welding function was my motivation for downloading the program (it's free, btw). You can get any shape to stick to another, which is especially cool for personalized sentiments. (You can also slant, squish, and stretch images.)  I often make cards while I'm watching a movie and the PC isn't accessible from my comfy couch, so these kind of dies have to be predetermined, or I'll miss Mr. DiCaprio's determined eyebrow furrow or the part where the reformed bachelor catches the girl just before she gets on the plane after giving up on him ;). Here's my favorite specially cut die so far...

Welding letters with the Cricut Craft Room program

Connor is my BF's 3yo son and I'm his "Roo." He was very excited to have his name to carry around with him... for about 45 seconds, haha. When I found it on the floor, I stuck it on the fridge by his Pre-K photo.

There are still so many things to try that I saw on the OWH Memorial Day Bloghop and other blog posts I've seen recently. I think I'll start with the latest sketch and go from there.


  1. I like your cup cards a latte. The dotted paper makes perfect cup sleeves. Thanks for playing in the ODBD challenge!

  2. What fun coffee cups! Thanks for helping us meet the June ODBD challenge goal.

    Paula S.
    OWH Blog Team