Sunday, June 3, 2012

In Defense of Scrap Packs

I decided to go with the coffee and tea stamps with my next set of cards. I glanced through my almost-full box of cards to send in and noticed that in the "war" between masculine and feminine themed cards, ladies were winning hands down. So I decided to concentrate on masculine colors and patterns and used OWH's Sketch #114. Some of the greens are a bit light, but they match the paper and I think they are still suitable for the guys.

I used my swirl Cuttlebug embossing folder and a sheet of plaid paper from DCWV's Dots, Stripes, and Plaids Stack. Yes, there is some sparkle on the plaid, but it's sealed in and Hero-safe. I think I'm going to get a lot of use out of this stack; colors range from masculine to feminine, and the pages with multiple colors are flush to the edges so I don't have to worry about cutting around big borders or flowers (many stacks have pages like that, which are meant for full 12"x12" album layouts). Also, since there are aren't any images on the pages that have to be oriented either vertically or horizontally, the scraps that I'll get from it will be perfectly versatile. PLUS the colors are great for summer themes, which is the season we're in :).

The green bottom layers of the stamps are from a scrap pack. I've now bought two 3lb. scrap packs (40% off coupons make them $6), and I think they're great. I'll remember to post the brand when I get the next one. The variety of colors varies from pack to pack, of course, but I like them because you'll get a variety of shades in the same color and 99% of the pieces are the good thick cardstock that all of us ladies love so much. Here are the pieces that are 5x5 or smaller and left over from what I've used of two packs in the past few months (the larger pages have their own bin).

Keep in mind, these are missing other shades of pink, red, green, purple, and blue that I've already used. They are used pretty much exclusively for stamped images and sentiments, such as what you see above in the coffee cards. The order of picking elements varies on my mood when I design a card,  but here's one way I get great use out of these varying shades of scraps: I'll pick a color from my chosen patterned paper that I'd like to draw out, then find a few pieces of these scraps that match it (rarely do I have to "settle"), and stamp my chosen image or sentiment in that coordinating color.

These are also great for dry embossing with Cuttlebug. My ds D did multiples of these for me in different colors and I have them stored as "ready to be layered." They came out of the bag as 3"x3" and never even saw the paper trimmer. How great is that? (Sorry, I can't figure out what sketch this is; I must have tweaked it. The closest I can guess is OWH Sketch #47)

See? Every page does count, haha. Well, I guess that's all for today. Comments and suggestions are always appreciated and I hope you have a great day. Thanks for visiting!


  1. These are great cards Rachel! I can totally see how the Scrap Packs are working well for you and you have shared some great tips. I personally have been stamping for 10+ years and have accumulated so many of my own scraps that I would never even give a Scrap Pack a second glance but, hey, every page DOES count! and so does every card sent to Operation Write Home :)

    Your cards are really improving and I am looking forward to following your blog, Lisa

  2. They sell scrap packs for a reason. Personally, I shy away from them because I'm really bad about looking through smaller papers to find matches. I almost always cut into new paper- so bad! That said, everyone has their own method and this is clearly working well for you. It looks like you got a very nice variety of colors in your packs!

  3. I think my desk becomes its own scrap pack as I work...LOL! Great job on these :)

  4. These are great, Rachel! As a paperholic, I do longingly look at those packs when I pass them in the stores; however I'm trying to be strong with myself. I, too, have enough of my own scraps to keep me for quite a while; however conceivably as that stash dwindles as I make bunches of cards, I might allow myself to give those scrap packs a second look in the future!

  5. Thanks for the comments, ladies. I'm still early in my hoarding and my budget is limited, so scrap packs help me with variety of paper colors. In all honesty, I can't wait to have too much paper, lol!

  6. Oh, these cards are all great, and I love your organizational skills for using a pack of scraps to pre-make card parts to be used later! Brilliant idea!