Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday

I don't remember where, but I once saw a blog post with a picture of the writer's craft desk and the caption WOYWW. I tracked down the host of the event here: Stamping Ground. Every Wednesday, bloggers link photos of their desks to inspire each other and fill each other in on what they are creating at the moment. I thought this was a pretty original and neat idea but there's a problem. I still haven't come across a participant who doesn't have a designated craft desk! Yikes! I'm not the only one, am I? Say it ain't so... especially in these Hard Economic Times...

So I decided to participate the best way I could today with a "tour" of my mobile craft room. This will likely not change for a while, but I'm okay with that. So here it is...

Heheheh, yeah. Here's how it is: My 10yo boy and 12yo girl and I live in a one bedroom apartment on the second floor of my mom's house. Their father and I split five years ago and until I graduated from college last month, I was a FT student and PT employee. Now I'm on the hunt for a position in education (need a teacher anyone? Anyone?). I've done a pretty good job of supporting us with child support, student loans and meager paychecks, but yeah, if we rented anywhere else, we wouldn't have gas money.... or car money for that matter, lol. (Long Island's price of living is outrageous, but I can't/won't move them away from their dad.)

In the spirit of intimacy (why stop now, huh, ladies?) I'll share how I keep things under control in our very cramped quarters. Necessity is the mother of invention, as they say. The above photo is of our living room. Behind me is our "computer room" (aka table with pc and printer) and the kitchen. Behind my DS, the photog, is the T.V. and closet space, and to the left is the bathroom and our big bedroom. Thankfully, it fits 2 loft beds, my bed, 2 dressers, two IKEA wall units, a good sized closet, AND floor space. When the kids are home while I'm making cards, I use the kitchen table so they can us the T.V. or Wii if they want. Sometimes Kay (DD) will craft with me, too :). When they're not home (at their dad's), I like the couch... I watch a lot of movies. The packet on my left is the pdf packet of OWH Sketches to keep track of my year long goal to use each sketch at least once. The plastic box next to the trimmer holds my 3D flowers and butterflies from swaps in the Scrap to Treasure group, and the blue photo album next to me on the couch is where I keep ready-to-use dies, borders, and layered sentiments. The box in the bottom left holds pre-cut card fronts (plain, patterned, and dry embossed), liners, and card bases. It is sitting on this (see below), whose home when I'm not making cards is right behind the couch:

Drawers hold the bulk of my supplies
Here are the drawers up close, from bottom to top. I don't know why Blogger keeps uploading them upside down...

Yet to be used 8.5x11 and larger paper, DP stacks, 3D embellies

Ribbon, floppy stamps, stamp pads, ATG, embossing powder, trimmers
Paintbrushes, scissors, Modge Podge, spray adhesive, heat tool, dimensional foam, a few ATG rolls, other misc and rarely used supplies

Next, I also have a carrying case of smaller stuff that I keep in the bedroom closet:

Wood stamps, punches, brads, hole punchers, stamp ink

This is my favorite craft storage thingy-do. Nothing slips through the cracks into the next compartment when I hold it vertically and it keeps all the little stuff that I use so often right next to me on the couch. Next we have the scrap drawer, which comes from another plastic rolling drawer thingy-do. The other two drawers hold off-season stuff and ATG rolls.

Here's a page from my blue book, which will need replacing soon.

I'm a bit rough on the pockets and some of them are starting to be less of a pocket and more of a flap. I couldn't do without this thing. Going in the pre-cut direction helps a lot, especially for die cuts, because I'd go crazy if I had to drag the Cricut out every time I sat down to craft. Taking the time to do a slew of cuts at one time gives me the freedom to still choose the cuts I want, but not have to create the cuts on the spot. There are exceptions to this, of course, but generally, that's how I roll.

What's next? Oh, my Cricut...

Cricut, OWH box in progress, envelopes
This is the top of one of our wall units (it's the big one with the square cubes... I heart it). Notice the water guns, haha. About four cubes down is where I keep my carts and Cuttlebug (+folders).

Am I forgetting anything? I don't think so. Garbage scraps go in a brown paper bag that gets tucked away like everything else when it's not in use, so other than that, I think I've covered everything. I rather like the way I have things set up right now; I don't really need a place to "get away" in the house because the kids go to their dad's most weekends and I get (too much) alone time then. Things might change, though, when my BF and I move in together. There will be three kids, another adult, and few hours a day (if any) that I'll have the place to myself. I'm sure then I'll need a getaway spot, haha.

Do you have an unorthodox craft room or area? Anything specially made or adapted for organizing your stuff? I'd love to hear it! Thanks for visiting and Happy Wednesday!


  1. Well, you're definitely not the only one working in tight quarters. I join you. I do however, have a craft table. During the day, I slide it about half way over my bed and work. At night, I slide it over my desk and sleep. The space is ridiculous when my fiancé is visiting. This week coming up, my entire family is descending on my home prior to heading to Maine. In this case, I had to completely dismantled EVERYTHING and store it in my closet. I think YOU are BRILLIANT in how you've made your space work for you. Happy crafting... :)

    1. Thanks, Cindy. You seem to have to a good thing going too. Have a great week with the fam! :)

  2. Looks like you are doing a good job. Me? I have a room

  3. Wow! Talk about making things work! What a small space to start with. But you have done a wonderful job working with the space you have to craft. Just goes to show, you don't need a lot to do what you love. I was lucky enough to take over our utility room (was just storing junk). Half of the room is my craft area with a good size desk. The other half is for laundry & some storage.

    1. That is lucky, Krystil. I hope I'll at least get a good section of space like that to keep all my supplies stored together when we do move. Thanks for the comment!