Saturday, August 18, 2012

Boo! Cricut Craft Room sentiments

I wanted to share a few of the cards I made with goodies from a recent Autumn themed swap on FB's Scrap to Treasure group. What fun! Special shout outs to Karen, Cindy, Ann, and Sandi.

I made the "Boo!" in the Cricut Craft Room but wasn't able to make a good shadow for it. I found a tutorial on YT telling me to not use the text box, but to use individual letters and drag them till they touch (weld). That way, I can use the shadow feature and size the shadows right under the main layer.... if that makes sense. I'll try it the next time I'm in need of a sentiment I don't have and post the results.

This is Sketch #63 and I'm beginning to have a problem. Aside from ~20 bonus sketches, I only have about 15 sketches left in the unofficial OWH year long sketch challenge. But I find myself saying, "Eh, I like this other sketch better, even though I've used it already." There's nothing in particular about these rejected sketches, although some do have inchies, and layering inchies has been known to cause some frustration. The problem is that I cut the DP to one inch, and after layering, they're not inchies anymore, and they won't fit on the card front! Now I sound like a crybaby, I know, haha. I guess that's my next challenge - to get over it and just measure right the first time! Ah me.

Thanks again for the group swap ladies, I have a feeling I'm going to have plenty left over for next year's Halloween cards. I like leftovers - it's like getting the stuff all over again when the box gets pulled back out ;) I'm going to line, stamp, and tuck my recent handful of cards and get them in the mail today. I feel an urgency to get these to my shipper since August is winding down and there are summer and Halloween deadlines.

Side Note: I got a job! Two actually :D. I'll be working part-time at A.C. Moore (look out discount, here I come) and substituting as needed at a local school district. I cannot tell you the bawling the kids witnessed when I got the letter from the school - such an overwhelming relief to know that I'll be in a school this coming year. Through my tears, I actually quoted Peter Gabriel's "Big Time," one of my anthems while I was in college. I'm such a dork but I love it.

Thanks for visiting and have a great day!

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