Saturday, August 25, 2012

Shiver Me Timbers, It's an Antiqued Scroll!

I have another pretty cool ship card that I think counts as pizzazz, which is the focus of the blogskip that OWH is hosting this weekend. Really beginning to love tea staining...

"Why is the rum gone?"

I'm super excited about the way this set of four came out. Here's the rundown... The ship is from a freebie for the week in the Cricut Craft Room a few weeks ago (My World cart). For the "scroll" paper, I took the tea staining technique to the next level. I took a 4x5.25in piece of cream cardstock and crumpled it into the smallest ball I could. Then I opened it up and crumpled it again, making as making creases as possible. Then, while it was still in a ball, I dunked it in some steeped tea (cooled off, so as not to burn my fingers... which will happen in a lil bit) just to get it wet, not to soak it. I quickly learned that cardstock ain't so tough when it gets drenched! Squeezed most the water out, but left a bit so it could settle in some of the creases for some nice dark lines after it dried.

Next, I carefully opened up the ball and laid it flat on a washcloth. Then I took my Cricut cutting knife/scalpel and tugged/tore around the edges. Two opposite corners were cut off too. Then I curled an un-ripped corner around a paintbrush, nice and tight, and used my heat embossing tool to dry it and the majority of the paper around it. OUCH! Gotta be more careful about where to touch the paintbrush to keep the paper curled while it's drying! Once the scroll curl was nice and dry (it gets really stiff!), I did the opposite corner in the same way. While I was drying the paper, I wondered if I'd be able to edge the ragged edges with some stamping ink for an extra antiqued look... and then found that I was doing it without even realizing it! I was hovering over an edge a bit too close and too long and it started to burn, haha. So the scroll is now colored with both tea and a drying tool.

Next, the scroll got ATG'd to a piece 4x5.25in brown cardstock, and its edges were dunked, torn, curled, and dried the same way. I used the tea to get it wet, but only because it was sitting next to me. I didn't want any actual coloring to happen, and didn't get any because the paper was already dark.

The ship got a bit of the tea bag treatment on its sails, then dried, and then was finally adhered to the scroll with ATG and Modge Mod Podge. I thought for a second about sticking on a sentiment but I didn't want to push my luck and really didn't want to cover up the scroll any more than it already was. The final product is very stiff from all the drying, but it's no thicker than what dimensional foam and brads would do and is definitely safe to press down on, since it already looks is roughed up.

What other themes could this scroll be used in? Maybe some Steampuck stuff? I known nothing about that stuff... yet. ;)

Thanks for visiting (again) and I hope you have a great day!


  1. I'm excited to see anything Cricut related for OWH! I have never tried the tea dye technique - very cool!

  2. you were very busy - sorry your burnt your fingers - but it was for a good cause - the idea of rolling your corners while wet to get that look is very fun. Thanks for playing along.

    Barb Housner

  3. Glad there wasn't a fire from burning the scroll but it definitely gives it that antiqued look. Really creative card!

  4. Great card! I really like the distressed, weathered look. Thank you for sharing the card and details about your technique.

  5. Awesome card... love the techniques!! Thanks for explaining how you did it. :) God bless & big hugs... Tracy