Thursday, December 27, 2012

Top Ten Reasons I Love Being an OWH-er

I wrote this sometime during the summer but never posted it. Seeing as we're wrapping up 2012, I figure this is a good time to make it public. Thanks for another inspiring, educational, and motivating year, Sandy, Ciara, Julie, Nancy, Jan, Yolanda, and Co.!

Top Ten Reasons I Love Being an OWH-er
10.          I feel accomplished on a regular basis, even when I’m not employed or going to school.
9.            I get practice at being less Type-A, and being able to think outside the box.
8.            I get to “be” in any season at any time of year. E.G. Making Christmas cards during the summer months.
7.            Good role modeling for my children in the creative sense.
6.            Great role modeling for my children in the giving sense.
5.            There are support groups everywhere for both design feedback and trading supplies.
4.            Paper, ribbon, stamps, and other supplies come in innumerable varieties and the possibilities are endless for my ever-changing mood when it comes to tone and design.
3.            I’m helping to keep the ties between our country’s servicemen and women and their families and friends a bit stronger while they are apart.
2.            Admission to the “club” is free and the need for cards will always be there; there’s no application process or final deadline.
1.            The gifts of time, commitment, sacrifice, and potentially one’s own life can never fully be reciprocated, but being a volunteer for our military is one of the best ways I can try!

What am I missing that you'd put on this list? Please leave me a comment and let me know!

I leave you with a sweet birthday card...
Happy Birthday 2013!

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  1. Rachel, this is a great list. I think you captured it! I love how supportive OWH is of its crafters. Things like the prospect of having a card selected for the daily card share or being asked to make a sample card for one of the challenges really spur me on to make better cards! When I started and my cards weren't so good, I still received supportive comments. OWH is better than any craft magazine I've read or stamp class I've attended. :)