Monday, January 21, 2013

Design Bootcamp: Color

OWH has a great new feature for cardmakers: monthly design tutorials! The first one focuses on color theory and has a ton of info for the novice color coordinator. I like to think my cards are safe from the color police these days, but the tutorial has given me some fresh mojo nonetheless. So for my contribution, I chose an analogous color scheme: yellow and orange...

OWH Sketch #12

Both the flowers are the birdie are stamped and were colored with my new Fantasia Watercolor Pencils. I watched a few technique videos on YouTube and ended up using this one. I don't, however, have any watercolor paper... as of yet, haha. While I tried not to let the paper get too wet, it started to warp and even with some extra ATG reinforcement, it's still a bit too wrinkley for my liking when it comes to sending it overseas. Still, I'll be keeping this as a memento of my first homemade pattern paper with an analogous color focus, as well as my first watercolor pencil endeavor.

Brush Strokes: The video says to give yourself a "palette" of color (color a block of color on scrap paper, then add water with a paintbrush, then take the brush to the stamped image). This worked well, but wherever my brush landed first ended up with a thinner color, and where it ended up had thicker (darker) color. In this case, it was probably because I started at the tips of the petals and the brush strokes went toward the center of the flower.
Stamp Ink: Although I chose yellow and orange for the colors, the ink for the stamping ended up being orange (for what would be colored yellow) and red (for what would be colored orange). I had assumed a darker yellow and orange (respectively) would suffice, but as you can see... the contrast wasn't enough:

Ink is a mild orange in real life
Many thanks to Paula at OWH for our first of many informative and inspiring Bootcamps and I'm excited to see everyone's color schemes! Have a great Martin Luther King Day, and to paraphrase a courageous and inspiring man,  may today renew our commitment to judging each other based our characters and not on the color of our skin.


  1. Thanks for the video link. A very useful thing! I love the brightness of the colors on this card.

  2. Wow, your card is bright and happy, love it!

  3. Very pretty. It's fun to play with watercolor pencils and your colors really pop!

  4. WoW! i totally Love this! So bright and happy, I really like the flower stamp. Good luck on the new coloring adventure and Happy MLK Day to you.
    Hummer Hugs,
    hummingbird204 at comcast dot net

  5. Love the bright and cheerful colors and the sweet birdie!

  6. Nice job! The bold shades of oranges and yellows look great together and you made the perfect choice in coloring the petals towards the flower centers as most in nature do appear darker in their centers where the petals are typically more dense. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Love the bright orange and yellow flowers, they go with your cute little ducky. I like the shading on the flowers - I think you did an excellent job!

    I love my watercolor pencils and I need to use them more often. I've had good success with using a water brush - the barrel holds water that can be lightly squeezed to release water to the brush. It's pretty easy to pull the color around from where its layed down on the image. I use 100lb cardstock (from Staples) and this technique doesn't over wet the paper. The water brushes are pretty cheap (Micheal's/JoAnns).

    1. What a neat idea for a paintbrush! I'll have to keep my eye for it. Thanks for the tip!

  8. Very cheary card! I just love the color combo. Thnaks for the watercolor pencil tips.

  9. Pretty!!! I don't use a lot of yellow or orange, but I do believe that you have inspired me. It looks so happy and WARM!!! :)