Tuesday, January 29, 2013

You're the Cream in the My Coffee

It's been a long time since I made some coffee cards and I picked up some paper that I think makes great designer "cups."

Coffee - Mmmm!

The paper is DCWV. My store (AC Moore) got a lot of these in that I hadn't even seen before; they are 6x6 bundles (not bound together), mostly pale/pastel tones, 180 sheets, and are on sale for $3 but ring at $2.39. (With my employee discount it cost me $1.91! Cha-ching!) The papers are thinner than the standard DCWV weight, but no thinner than those big MME 12x12 pads. (Ignore the purple background; I had to put something behind it or the white wouldn't show up in the scan.)

Now here's the questions I always stump myself with:

What category would this kind of card fall under? Love? I have a lot of flirty type sentiments but can never decide which section to put them in. Sometimes I make a "flirty" section in my OWH box, but I never know how Caro (and now Kris) end up classifying them. Other sentiments I'm iffy on: "We're a pear," "We make a great pair," "You make me melt," "I'm a fan," "I like you a latte"... Thanks for any suggestions - I hate making up categories that I know my shipper with have to sort through!

Thanks for visiting and I hope this week is treating you well!


  1. Rachel, I love it!! Is the coffee cup a cricut cut? How fun! I would put the flirty sentiments under love.

  2. Pretty darn cute! I need to make some coffee cards too. Haven't done that for some time.